Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For those of you who tune in to my rantings, expecting or even counting on me to write about your beloved Phillies - Im sorry. Look, I told you Red Kool-Aid sippers very early in the 2012 season that your boys in the red pinstripes sucked big time. I told you that they were not a very good baseball team. I spoke to you of the faceless interchangeble white guys and how they would hardly make a positive difference. Some of the faces have surely been changed, but they still are mediocre players helping a very bad team battle it out for last place. They had their run - now repeat after me IT IS OVER. They are going to suck again next year - learn to deal with it.

I must point out to those of you who forgot that I selected the Orioles as my 2012 American League team. Have you noticed the baseball now being played in the Monument City at a place called Camden Yards? Of late they have been kicking ass and taking no prisoners. Way to go Birds!

In 83 days we the people (except those w/o state issued I.D) will decide whether or not we completely surrender our freedom and liberty to the evil forces represented by Romney and as of this past weekend Paul Ryan. The Dark Ages are upon us, but we can still do something about it.

For those of you who are casual observers of our politics - now is the time to sit up and pay the fuck attention. For you Progressives, Liberals, Moderates, and whoever believes in democracy rather than oligarchy YOU NEED TO GIVE A SHIT! You need to figure out that despite any shortcomings Obama may have - he is the only rational choice for those of us who don't have Swiss Bank Accounts, own a dressage horse, and understand that  Paul Ryan is a despicable excuse for a human being.

If you pay attention to what Romney and Ryan believe, who they are beholden to, and what the implementation of their policies would do to the middle classes, the poor, minorities, and women and you still say that you haven't made up your mind about how you are going to vote then you are an absolute moron. For real, an absolute cretin who should not be allowed to vote even with the proper I.D. How could anyone with a non-diseased mind agree with and vote for anyone whose philosophy about government, compassion, was ripped from the pages of a novel written by the Russian-Atheist Ayn Rand. Steven King couldn't make this up. Ayn Rand's novels were the rage when I was a young person and I read Atlas Shrugged in school. (It may have been the Cliff Notes version) Even I knew what happy horseshit her views were, and certainly not the stuff anyone should take seriously. Paul Ryan swears by here, though he now claims that he didn't know she was an atheist. Of course he knew. Look, when someone loves your ideas and patterns his own philosophy after the pages he read in a couple of novels he would most certainly want to know eveything he could about you. Ryan would have discovered Rand's atheism and her Russian ethnicity. She kept neither a secret. Why lie about something that innocuous?

Hypocrite Ryan speaks of how important his family and faith are to him. He likes to tell people that he is a devout catholic. Well, I'm a lapsed Jew, and even I know that Christians are taught that they will be judged by how they treat the least of us. Well, his own church has described his budget as being immoral for failing to address the needs of those at the bottom. And who the hell is he to make decisions about a womans right to choose the best options in dealing with their unique health and reproductive issues. As far as I'm concerned, Romney and Ryan can have all the Neanderthal beliefs that they want but they   do not have the right to impose those beliefs on any other human being.

I could go on for days, and speak to the economy, the banks, the 'special interests', but I'll deal with the economy in my next post. I want to finish tonight with a shout out for The Honorable Robert Simpson. (why do we confer Honorable on someone who is a judge. Shouldn't they have to earn the title?)

Earlier today Judge Robert Simpson ruled that the Pennsylvania Voter I.D. law was fine the way it is and its particulars wouldn't create an onerous burden on an electorate who use photo I.D.'s in every day life. I suppose you know that this bright boy is a republican, and if you didn't know it is time to turn off your facebook, twitter and whatever other social media you use to hide and learn some important shit.

The good guys are appealing this Nazi judge's decision, but who knows where that is going. But, what can I do LSF - I'm only one person. Here's something - and it wouldn't cost a dime. When speaking to people, ask them if they have the proper I.D. Ask the fucking question. Remind them, that without it - they will not be allowed to vote. If they don't drive offer to take them to where they can get the I.D. which the state is not charging a fee for. Call your elected representatives and ask what they are doing about the situation - and maybe even offer some time to help. I'm not just talking out of my ass - The Long Suffering Fan has been doing this, and I am proud to report that 4 people now have the I.D. needed and are registered to vote. It took little of my time, and virtually no effort convincing them. I basically told them that they were going to get the I.D. Hey, hard was selling boys jackets with pink sherpa lined collars - getting someone to register was and is easy when you explain what will happen to them or their loved ones if Romney wins.

That's it for now.

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